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Electron Microscopy Sciences


arrow121. Chemicals for Electron Microscopy, Light Microscopy and Histology


  • -Adhesives and Mountants
  • -Colloidal Compounds
  • -Conjugates: Immuno Gold
  • -Prepared Buffers
  • -Prepared Salt Solutions
  • -Prepared Fixatives
  • -Glutaraldehyde
  • -Osmium Tetroxide
  • -Epoxy Removers
  • -Staining Solutions
  • -Prepared Staining Kits

arrow122. Embedding Media Kits:

  • For the Biological & Materials Science
  • Technovit GMA and MMA
  • Unicryl and Vestopal

arrow123. Grids, Grid Storage Boxes, and Supplies

  • Gilder - a reliable support specimen grid source
  • Veco - the most rigid grids available
  • Maxtaform - smooth edges, firm support, and a large open area
  • Index - Alpha Numeric and Asbestos Index Grids
  • Synaptek ™ unflexible grids, made of beryllium-copper
  • Beryllium Grids
  • Embra - high open area with a rigid construction
  • DuraSIN™ Substrates for TEM & X-ray
  • Support Film on Grids
  • QUANTIFOIL Holey carbon Films
  • Grid Storage Boxes, Grid Staining Apparatus, and much more.

arrow124. Calibration Standards, Specimens, and Aids

  • Low Magnification Calibration Standards for SEM and LM
  • SEM Calibration Specimens
  • Back-Scattered Electron Detection
  • Calibration Specimens for TEM and STEM
  • MAG*I*CAL®
  • Diffraction Standards
  • Measuring Aids
  • Richardson Test Slides
  • AFM SPM Tip Checking
  • Magnification References SPM, AFM, SEM

arrow125. Microscope Accessories

  • Apertures and Aperture Cleaning
  • Recoating TEM Viewing Screens
  • Standard Loop Filaments
  • LaB6 Cathodes
  • Denka LaB6 Cathodes
  • Apezion Vacuum Greases and Diffusion Pump Oils

arrow126. Microanalysis Element Standards

  • Energy and Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Microanalysis
  • Lists of Compound, Pure Metal, NBS, and BAS Standards
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy X-ray Microanalysis
  • Auger Electron Microscopy
  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  • High Purity SEM Elemental Standards
  • Repolishing Services

arrow127. Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies

  • General Supplies
  • Beakers and Bottles
  • Vials and Sample Storage Sets
  • Plastic, Pasteboard, and Membrane Boxes  
  • Embedding Capsules, BEEM®, Tissue Processing, Critical Point Drier
  • Cloth, Lens Tissues, Towels, Swabs
  • Scribbers and Slide Coating
  • Chucks, Holders, Molds, Release Agents, Aclar Film
  • Weighing Boats and Canoes
  • Glass Knife Making Supplies
  • Laboratory Gloves
  • Mica Sheets and Disks
  • Ultramicrotomy Aid Tools
  • Culture, Petri, and Permanox Dishes
  • Chamber Slides, Coverslips, Tissue Inserts
  • Wells, Plates, Covers, Tissue Culture Inserts
  • Pipettes and Pipette Fillers
  • Razor Blades and Scalpels
  • Tissue and Rodent Brain Matrices
  • Markers, Liquid Blockers, Bio-Imager, and PAP Pens
  • Plastic and Glass Microscope Slides
  • Hybridization and Profussion Chambers and Isolators
  • Microarrays, Sealing Chambers, Chambered Coverglass,
    Coverslips, Gene Cone
  • Micro Cover Glasses and Cover Slips
  • Slide Boxes, Trays, Holders, and Mailers
  • Mailing Tubes and Containers
  • Laboratory Filters and Syringes

arrow12 8. Material Sciences and Metrology

  • Embedding Media
  • Adhesives & Mountants
  • Embedding Molds
  • Replication Materials
  • Sample Sectioning
  • Micro & Mini-tools
  • Tools, Scribbers, Stones
  • Micro Manipulators
  • Polishing Supplies
  • Punches, Pressure Chambers, Polishers & Grinders
  • Tripod Polishers for SEM TEM Preparation
  • Lapping
  • Crystal Orientation
  • Diamond Saws
  • Micro Cleaving

arrow129. Histology and Light Microscopy

  • Chart of Dyes and Stains
  • Fixing and Dehydrating Chemicals
  • Embedding Media
  • Cyto-Tek MonoPrep Liquid Slide Preparation
  • Tissue-Tek® NEUTRA-GUARD™ Aldehyde Control Systems
  • Prepared Staining Solutions
  • Prepared Staining Kits
  • Scapels, Blade Knives, and Blade Scissors
  • Bone Rongeurs, Cutters, Shears, and Saws
  • Loops, Needles, and Sterilizers
  • Forceps & Scissors
  • Tongs, Probes, Spoons, Spatulas
  • Mounting Medium
  • Staining Apparatus
  • Gloves, Beakers, Boards, Trays, and Containers
  • Embedding Cassettes
  • Capsules, Molds, Specimen Holders
  • Microscope Slides
  • Cover Glasses
  • Slides Mailers, Holders, and Drainers
  • Microtome Blades, Holders and Supplies
  • Cytocentrifuge
  • Retriever for Formalin-fixed, Paraffin Embedded Tissues
  • Cryostat Section Preparation Aids
  • Paraffin Embedding and Section Mounting
  • Microscope Slide Warmers, Ovens & Incubators
  • Slide, Cassette, and Tissue Block Storage

arrow1210. Scanning Electron Microscope Supplies

  • Scintillators
  • WETSEM™ Capsules for Hydrated SEM Samples
  • Specimen Mounts
  • Specimen Holders, Clamps, Laser Alignment, and Planchets
  • Mount Storage Boxes
  • Colloidal Compounds and Conductive Adhesives
  • Mounting Supplies including Conductive Adhesive Tapes
  • SEM Magnification Reference, and SEM/EDS Calibration

arrow1211. Cryo Supplies and Accessories

  • Plunge Freezer New
  • Cryogenic Preparation System
  • Cryo Accessories including aprons, gloves, tissue freezing
    medium, cryogen spray, marker sets, dewars, and labels. 

oscillating diamond knifeIlford Photograhic papers and chemicalsKodak Electron  Microscopy filmsTweezers, Dissecting Tools, Instruments, and Gadgetsarrow1212. DiATOME Diamond Knives

  • Introduction, Manufacturing, Characteristics
  • DiATOME AFM and AFM Cryo
  • DiATOME Cryo Wet and Dry Knife
  • DiATOME Cryo Immuno
  • DiATOME Cryo Trim and Static Line Ionizer
  • DiATOME Histo, Histo Cryo and Jumbo
  • DiATOME Oscillating Diamond Knife
  • DiATOME Ultrathin Diamond Knife
  • Specials
  • Services, Programs, and Policies

arrow1213. Photography: Film and Supplies

  • Books
  • Kodak Electron Microscopy Film
  • Ilford and Kodak Photographic Papers
  • Ilford and Kodak Chemicals
  • Polaroid Film
  • Darkroom Fans and Louvers
  • Mohr Automatic Film and Print Processor
  • Darkroom Accessories
  • Trimmers and Cutters
  • Easels and Enlargers
  • Enlarging Focusing Aids and Magnifiers
  • Film Safes, Lens and Film Cleaners, Static Eliminators
  • Photo Mounting Supplies
  • Safe Lights, Light Boxes
  • Transfer Lettering Sheets
  • Negative Storage
  • File Cabinet Systems and Portable Storage Chests
  • NEW PathScan Enabler III
  • Polaroid DMC2
  • The Kodak Digital Science Color Printers

arrow12 14. Tweezers, Dissecting Tools, Instruments, and Gadgets

  • EMS's Tweezer Line
    High Precisions and Ultra Fine Tweezers
    Thin and Long, Ergonomic, Flat Tipped, and ESD Safe
    Ceramic and Ceramic Tipped
    - General Purpose Tweezers
    Fiber and Fiber Tipped
    Surface Mount and Optoelectric
  • Positive Action Tweezers Dumont and Fontax
  • Dumont Medical, Negative Action and Diamond-Tipped
  • Rubis Steel, Plastic, and Wafer Tweezers
  • Plastic Tweezers and Tweezer Accessories
  • Diamond Dissecting Scapel Blade
  • Dissecting I including MicroPoint Scissors, PCF Forceps, & Micro Forceps
  • Dissecting II including Forceps, Scissors, Needles, and Dissecting Kits
  • Files, Calipers, Scribers, Burnishing Tools, Sharpening Stones
  • Flexible Shaft Machine and Abrasive Wheels
  • Vises, Wrenches, Screwdrivers, and Tool Kits
  • Probes, Mini-Tools, Micro-Tools, and Spatulas
  • Micro Manipulators
  • Calculators, Light Meters, Metric Convertors, Anemometers,
    Radiation Meters, and much more

Richardson's Field Microscopearrow1215. Illuminators, Magnifiers, Microscopes and Graticules

  • Richardson's Field Microscope
  • Portable Microscopes and Accessories
  • Adjustable Ring Lights
  • Modular Illuminator
  • Magnifiers: Light, Measuring, Spectacle, and Headband
  • Mirror Stereo Viewers
  • Eyepiece Graticles
  • Stage Graticules
  • Counting Cells

Cleaning Solutions arrow1216. Cleaning Solutions and Accessories

  • Cleaning Solutions and Supplies
  • Ultrasonic Benchtop Cleaners
  • Environmentally Safe Dust-Off Products
  • Air Purifiers
  • Static Eliminators
  • Gloves
  • Cloths, Tissue, Mini-Vac, Metal Polish, and Applicators

Vacuum Pumps & Evaporation Supplies arrow1217. Vacuum Pumps & Evaporation Supplies 

  • Apezion Vacuum Greases and Diffusion Pump Oils
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Tungsten Metal Wire, Baskets, and Boats
  • Metal Foils
  • Precious Metal Wires
  • Carbon Rods, Cord and String

laboratory microwaveCarbon Coaters, Sputter Coaters and Turbo Sputter Coatersarrow1218. Equipment and Accessories

  • EMS-820 Precision Pulsed Laboratory Microwave Oven:
  • Microwave Accessories
  • EMS 9000 Microwave Oven and Accessories
  • EMS LYNX Automated Tissue Processor
  • EMS Oscillating Tissue Slicers
  • Rapid Immersion Freezer
  • Ultraviolet Lamps
  • Carbon Coaters, Sputter Coaters and Turbo Sputter Coaters
  • Attachments: Glow Discharge, Film Thickness, Coaters
  • Freeze Drier and Turbo Freeze Drier
  • Critical Point Driers
  • Turbo Evaporators
  • Plasma Ashers
  • SEM Cryogenic Preparation System
  • Tissue Chopper, Vibration Free Work Station
  • Desiccators
  • Centrifuges, Tubes, and Racks
  • Stirrers, Hotplates, Stirring Bars, Mixers, Rotators, and more
  • Slide Warmers and Oven/Incubator

Labels, Tapes, Dispensersarrow1219. Laboratory Safety Accessories and Supplies

  • Spill Control, Stabilizers, Cleanup
  • Hand Cleansers, Lotions, and
  • Benchtop and Drawer Organizers, Pipette Holders, Bins, Carts
  • Lead Shields, Surface Protectors, Hot Mits
  • Air Purifiers

arrow1220. Labels, Tapes, Dispensers

  • Labels & Warnings
  • Tapes & Dispensers

arrow1221. Starter EM Kits

  • Kits for TEM Preparation
  • CleanKit for SEM, TEM and Microtomy

arrow1222. Technical Tips, Data Sheets, MSDS

  • Technical Tips and Recommended Articles
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Materials Safety Data Sheets

arrow1223. Scientific Equipment Repair Center

  • Vacuum systems
  • Microtomes, Ultramicrotomes, Tissue Slicers, Vibratomes
  • Ovens, Baths, Shakers
  • Tissue Processors and Lynx
  • Freeze Fracture Instruments
  • High Pressure Freezers, Slammers/Pro

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